"I see new adventures ahead!" - Renate van der Vaart joins the team

We are very pleased to welcome Renate van der Vaart to our team. Renate has started beginning of this month in the role of Customer Experience Specialist.

“In my great new role, my aim is to support our customers in this rapidly evolving digital world where customer behaviour is continuously changing. I want to find new and better ways to communicate with them and deliver relevant experiences which they demand 24 hours per day, seven days per week”, says Renate when asked what really drives her in her new role.

Max Goijarts, CEO of OnModus, joins the conversation. “OnModus wants to assist our clients to become customer centric from an integral company perspective. This does not end at implementing a technology which interacts with the customer. It is merely one of the possible strategy outcomes. The real challenge is to understand and tune the organisation’ channels, processes, employees and tools with the most relevant set of data. Combine this with the organisation’s ability to adapt to change in an agile manner and we have a shot in creating the experience our customers expect from you as a retailer or manufacturer”.

We enable marketing and technology to create valuable context for consumers.

Together we ride the path in your digital transformation journey

Together we ride the path in your digital transformation journey

“This is the reason that I chose OnModus”, Renate continues. “We are different than other agencies who support digital transformation. The reason for this is that we all have practical knowledge and skills through several roles being part of an agency, customer and vendor ecosystem.

“We know the journey, the pitfalls and pain points from a customer centric view – Renate van der Vaart”.

This blend of creative minds and can-do mentality builds the footprint of the OnModus team spirit to work hard and play hard, as you could have read in the previous blog. “And “yes” for the ones who keep asking me the “bike” question. I have already started secretly training to ride a racing bike. But that’s my little secret”, she adds to it smilingly.

So what’s does a Customer Experience Specialist role add to the team? “As said I’m aiming to bring “balance” especially in the clients’ content strategy. Every minute a massive amount of content is being published at the internet. And all this content is competing for the attention of your customer via various channels. Despite of this competition, I still believe content marketing is the way to go for creating loyal relationships with your customer. However, we need a new and better solution to get their attention, namely putting messaging in the right context. This way we will make the communication relevant and customers can identify with it, so they feel understood in their needs. This will ultimately lead to the opportunity to engage with them and make them brand ambassadors”.

“I truly believe that the answer of this lies with Contextual Experience Marketing. I am looking forward to starting this journey with our customers. Together we ride the path in your digital transformation journey”.