OnModus mediates, navigates and accelerates the interaction between customers, partners and vendors, and takes the guesswork out of developing great (Brand) Customer Experience and companywide Digital Transformation.


On balance

There is still a fundamental disconnect between enterprise customers, digital partners and software vendors. OnModus (aka “On Balance”) bridges this gap at a time when “marketing is rapidly becoming one of the most technology-dependent functions in business”.


Painkillers for our clients

“We bought expensive software as a solution … but software is just an enabler.”

Our painkiller > Understanding the patterns of value creation. Aligning customer and partner teams with existing experience and capabilities designing, testing and delivering what customers want.

“We need people who understand our business and technology.”

Our painkiller > Creating and smoothing development roadmaps, building businesses cases, and translating the customer walk and talk to that of a partner and agency.


“We need to shift from buying media to developing properties that attract customers.”



OnModus helps the “business athlete” push limits to stay ahead. We inspire each other every day, sharing experiences and activities with a healthy blend of optimism and passion. We translate over-used marketing lingo into language that is straightforward, understandable and executable by everyone involved.

We call it “customer experience, defined.”

In parallel, a key element necessary to making the “how” and “what” actually work is the infusion of a pioneering spirit and encouragement of an organizational culture that isn’t afraid to innovate—using sports and outdoor activities to open the creative mind with the client.


Proven cases


Avg. conversion uplift via personalisation


ROI to set up and execute a single test


Avg. cost reduction within digital operations




We engaged to align corporate and online goals by designing, developing and launching “The Mother’s Journey,” a data-integrated platform increasing customer engagement, loyalty and advocacy.

Included building customer experience strategy, technology landscape development, and business optimization linking central data and customer touchpoints to deliver personalized content and services according to journey position. Integrated customer experience management, CRM, eCommerce, product content and digital asset management. Platform was named Sitecore Site of the Year 2015, and earned the Customer Data Award in 2014.

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