Sitecore “Most Valuable Professional” Award 2019

OnModus is proud to share that two of our digital strategy coaches are rewarded as Sitecore MVP (Most Valuable Professional) 2019 of the 37 worldwide in the category of Digital Strategist for 2019.

Sitecore MVPs’ are awarded for the quality, quantity, and level of impact of the contributions they make by sharing their product expertise and mastery of the Sitecore platform with Sitecore customers and partners.

Max Goijarts says coaching teams and share with them how to make use of online and omni-channel advantages but also how to overcome the common pitfalls and hurdles" is what gets us energized. Software has emerged as the critical differentiator in every industry, from financial services to fashion, as “technology first” start-ups disrupt global markets. To stay alive, some of the biggest global enterprises we know are making a radical change in how they build and deliver software.

Renate van der Vaart adds "A well-known and common pain point we see is the struggle to make full use of the all the experience capabilities. That's why we provide a practical implementation strategy, and lead by example.

“The Sitecore community is renown as a place where members can easily collaborate and benefit from the vision and technical knowledge of one another,” said Pieter Brinkman, Senior Director of Technical Marketing at Sitecore. “Within this community, MVPs set the standard of excellence for product expertise, enthusiasm, and willingness to donate time and energy to help customers and partners realize the full power of the Sitecore platform. Their passion is instrumental to the ongoing success of the Sitecore ecosystem.”

Now it its 13th year, Sitecore’s MVP program recognizes exceptional professionals from the Sitecore community who actively share their expertise of Sitecore products to advance the future of customer experience and drive organizational change. A distinguished group of 315 Sitecore experts from the more than 12,000 certified developers and more than 20,000 active community participants.

The Sitecore Experience Platform™ combines web content management, omnichannel digital delivery, insights into customer activity and engagement, and strategic digital marketing tools into a single, unified platform. Sitecore Experience Commerce™ natively integrates content and commerce so brands can fully personalize and individualize the end-to-end shopping experience before, during, and after the transaction. Both platforms capture in real time every minute interaction—and intention—that customers and prospects have with a brand across digital and offline channels. The result is that Sitecore customers are able to use the platform to engage with prospects and customers in a highly personalized manner, earning long-term customer loyalty.

More information can be found about the MVP Program on the Sitecore MVP site:

We want to thank our customers and partners for the opportunities to build great cases together and look forward to new successes!

Max & Renate - OnModus