"Entrepreneurial spirit, open culture and project responsibility from day one" - We welcome Alexandru Sabau to our team

We are proud to welcome the newest OnModus team member, Alexandru Sabau, in the role of a Digital Project Manager. Alexandru, who is a recent graduate from the University of North Carolina Wilmington, has decided to start his career back to his roots, in Europe. We engage in a conversation about his motivation to move in the Netherlands and join OnModus.

'"So what does moving to the Netherlands mean to you?" OnModus omnichannel Partner, Jeroen van Mierle, asks.

'"Moving to The Netherlands is a transition point in my career. But, that is a challenge I am ready to take on. After growing up in Romania and graduating university in the United States, my return to Europe is just part of being agile and flexible. Here, I have found the right environment to grow as a professional. The Netherlands provides the right cultural structure and environment to focus on career development". It's not Alexandru's first time working in the Netherlands, as he recently finished an internship in E-commerce consulting in Amsterdam.


We go on and ask him about his decision to commit with OnModus, against other competitors.

"'Entrepreneurial spirit, open culture and project responsibility from day one. These are the characteristics that drew me to OnModus. With this team, I know I will be able to select my career path and grow in areas that I want to pursue"'. As a Digital Project Manager, Alexandru will be responsible for both internal and external business development projects. He will be the link between the team members and will coordinate the team effort in business & customer value creation. In addition to his role, Alexandru will also follow a learning path in customer analytics. '"I truly enjoy playing with data, discovering customer trends and identifying experience gaps the customers are facing in their journeys. Using analytics properly is key for creating and validating customer assumptions''

“We need people who understand our business and technology.”

Jeroen van Mierle adds: "'We felt that there was a very good cultural fit between Alexandru and OnModus. He is eager to impact projects and join us in finding solutions to alleviate customers experience pains".

Another sign of a fit is his passion with sports. "I have been swimming since I can remember. That's a major reason I went to study in the United States; to be able to continue my swimming career in university athletics''. We are eager to see him biking with the OnModus team. ''Water has always been my prime environment, but I think I can keep up just well on two wheels"' he adds.