“We're not making full use of our Sitecore Experience Platform”

"A well-known and common pain point for many Sitecore clients is the struggle to make full use of the SXP capabilities. That's why we provide a practical implementation strategy, and lead by example. We know the advantages and also how to overcome the common pitfalls and hurdles" says Lars Wisselink, Manager Operations OnModus London and Sitecore MVP.

In any implementation project the project team has a clear focus to bring the new initiative live as soon as possible. Business is asking for it and deadlines have been set.  "We cannot wait any longer" is a phrase often heard, resulting in core functionalities not being implemented correctly or not even at all.

In order to have full success, the organisation needs to think differently. Different in terms of seeing the new initiative as another important touchpoint in the customer journey and experience. As Omnichannel affects the organisation integrally, it is not only the marketing department that drives the project. Moreover it is a real challenge to analyse the customer journey, improving the customer experience and predict the next action. Whether this is a purchase or a call for information - IT and Marketing need to work together and learn from each other.

"Technology is an enabler, not a solution" Max Goijarts, CEO OnModus adds. "In the many projects we have played an active role, it was our job to simply bring the communication between different departments alive". "You might recognise this in your own organisation that the priorities of projects which increase the experience of your customers in your Omnichannel strategy conflict or are misunderstood. The software platform is a tool which should be understood properly in order to support the ultimate customer journey. But the platform needs well researched analytics data and thorough analysed customer paths to use the capabilities of the platform in the right way".

The proof is in the eating

OnModus is best known for our winning Danone - Nutrcia case. The platform was named Sitecore Site of the Year 2015, and earned the Customer Data Award in 2014. Via SXP 8 we used our personalisation model to proof the power of context marketing and the value of Sitecore towards the business of Danone - Nutricia. We have learned a lot from this case and help our clients to become more mature in personalisation. "What we don't do is producing documentation and implementation plans and piles of documents. We are in it for the results while keeping it real and practical" says Jeroen van Mierle, Omnichannel Partner at OnModus.

Best practice resource

OnModus is a best practice resource focused upon the Sitecore Experience Platform (SXP) that helps transforming the digital maturity of your organisation. We use a proven and winning personalisation model (Personalisation tactics, Customer interaction data & SXP) to empower your organisation to activate and optimise Sitecore marketing automation. Powered and energised by Sitecore Strategy MVP's.

Let our experienced team help you with the following:

  • Sitecore Context marketing workshops, specifically tailored towards SXP 8, to increase the knowledge and hands on experience of current marketing teams  
  • Analysing and operating daily engagement strategy, coaching and support marketing operations within Sitecore
  • Monitoring cross-channel attribution and optimising digital marketing. Enabling data to tell and support the Customer Journey
  • Setup Agile development process, supporting the practical and daily operations within Sitecore. Guiding product ownership and leveraging Agile development methods for execution
  • Implementation guidance for UX design, coaching UX Designers how to implement the (SBOS) engagement strategy, also using Sitecore Experience Accelerator
  • Aligning customer and partner teams with existing experience and capabilities


Our proven cases

The power of context marketing and the value of Sitecore towards the business of Danone - Nutricia