We enable marketing and technology to create valuable context for consumers.


The day-to-day obstacles that customers and partners encounter on the path to technology-dependent marketing success are solvable. But first, it’s important to understand the most commonly shared hurdles: 

“We need people who understand our business and technology.” , “We’re not making full use of the platform and product.” , “We want to turn a low-value product into a high-value experience.” , “We want to work with an in-house partner to manage our own digital agency.” , “The information and data we get from potential customers is overwhelming and we don’t know how to organize it.” , “We lack the big picture, not to mention how all of the puzzle pieces fit together.” ,  “We’re missing out on the competition and need to accelerate.”...


The right solutions convert into shorter times to market and avoidance of costly mistakes

OnModus is helping enterprises grapple with the complex shift from traditional advertising models to consumer-focused, digital and data-driven marketing organizations. We strategically and practically solve the customer and partner pain points.

To that end, OnModus drives digital transformation and business maturity to create, optimize and innovate authentic digital customer experiences and marketing technology. In short, OnModus philosophies guide customer engagement by blending (a) Marketing technology  (b) Design thinking, and (c) Contextual intelligence.


Digital strategy

  • Mapping Customer Journeys by using qualitative and quantitative customer data
  • Designing, testing and delivering what customers want, through Service Design Thinking
  • Building the business case and service / earning models, benchmarking strategic KPI development, implementation and management
  • Establishing a data-first strategy to enable real-time marketing, getting results in early and get traction
  • Monitoring cross-channel attribution and optimizing digital marketing, improving ROI on marketing spend (i.e., “which channel performs with what?”)


  • Serving as Chief Marketing Technology Officer, linking marketing technology strategies to business goals and objectives
  • Advising on digital business strategy and technology selection, setting up the omnichannel digital landscape
  • Developing a short list of digital and service providers to meet specific needs, optimizing and innovating through technology
  • Enabling data to tell and support the Customer Journey, understanding the patterns of value creation

Organizational change

  • Road mapping Digital Transformation
  • Building teams and cultures with a transformational mind-set, innovating by example rather than merely challenging the status quo
  • Creating and smoothing development roadmaps, building businesses cases, and translating the customer walk and talk to that of a partner and agency
  • Transitioning from product to service- / customer-centric thinking, innovating through Proof of Concepts
  • Managing stakeholder expectations and contributions, navigating between the strategic and the tactical