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Increase conversion uplift and engagement value via personalisation in Commerce - EXM and other channels 


train and energise your marketers to make full use of the Sitecore experience platfrom and increase roi




Onmodus is a best practice resource focused upon the Sitecore Experience Platform (SXP) that helps transforming the digital maturity of your organisation. We use a proven and winning personalisation model (Personalisation tactics, Customer interaction data & SXP) to empower your organisation to activate and optimise Sitecore marketing automation. Powered and energised by Sitecore Strategy MVP's.

We could help you with the following:

  • Sitecore Context marketing workshops, specifically tailored towards SXP 8, to increase the knowledge and hands on experience of current marketing teams  
  • Analysing and operating daily engagement strategy, coaching and support marketing operations within Sitecore
  • Monitoring cross-channel attribution and optimising digital marketing. Enabling data to tell and support the Customer Journey
  • Setup Agile development process, supporting the practical and daily operations within Sitecore. Guiding product ownership and leveraging Agile development methods for execution
  • Implementation guidance for UX design, coaching UX Designers how to implement the (SBOS) engagement strategy, also using Sitecore Experience Accelerator
  • Aligning customer and partner teams with existing experience and capabilities

“We're not making full use of the platform and product”

A well-known and common pain point for many Sitecore clients is the struggle to make full use of the SXP capabilities. That's why we provide a practical implementation strategy, and lead by example. We know the advantages and also how to overcome the common pitfalls and hurdles.

What we don't do is producing documentation and implementation plans and piles of documents. We are in it for the results.

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Clients we work with


We are best known for our winning Danone - Nutrcia case. The platform was named Sitecore Site of the Year 2015, and earned the Customer Data Award in 2014. Via SXP 8 we used our personalisation model to proof the power of context marketing and the value of Sitecore towards the business of Danone - Nutricia. Contact us if you are interested in accelerating your platform.

Our proven cases



Avg. conversion uplift via personalization

Getting hands on with delivering measurable, personalised experiences that improve your customer engagement, and drive business outcomes across each of your channels. Via context marketing we empower your marketers be ahead of the competition.



ROI to set up and execute a single test

We know from experience that setting up, execute and analysing tests can be a time-consuming job for marketers. Together with SBOS we developed a personalisation model which resulted in a ROI of more than 95 times the cost.



Avg. cost reduction within digital operations

Increase your ROI on advertising spend, optimise performance over (owned) channels and increase the efficiency of your content operations.


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Onmodus mediates, navigates and accelerates the interaction between customers, partners and vendors, and takes the guesswork out of developing great (Brand) Customer Experience and companywide Digital Transformation. Read more