We welcome Maurice to our team

We are pleased to introduce Maurice Smedts, our newest team member. Maurice just started with OnModus in the role of Omnichannel Consultant. Jeroen sat down with Maurice and asked him to explain what excites him most about joining OnModus.

‘For the past six years, I’ve been working at a leading fulfilment provider. I have had the opportunity to work with some of the most forward-thinking brands and online retailers, helping them to expand their business internationally,' Maurice begins. ‘At OnModus, I am very keen to take this great experience one step further, guiding our clients as they build the best possible customer experience.’ 

Max Goijarts, OnModus CEO, joins the conversation. ‘Maurice adds a new dimension to the team. Having someone on board who really understands the drill is a great benefit. Maurice knows what it takes to be successful in Commerce, business-wise and operationally. By tapping into Maurice’s experience, we can broaden the scope of services we offer to our clients.’

‘As a brand or retailer, it is great if you have been able to build an amazing customer experience on your platform. However, if you fail to deliver a smooth fulfilment process, you can easily diminish your investment in the platform,’ Max continues. ‘Maurice really knows what it takes to extend your carefully orchestrated customer journey up to the moment your customer opens the box and starts enjoying your products.’


 ‘And even beyond that point,’ Maurice adds. ‘Failing to set up a smooth return process will greatly reduce your customer’s lifetime value. Building confidence and trust in your brand will take a while, and one bad customer experience during the after-sales process can easily ruin it. And interestingly, if set up in a proper way, the data about returned products provide a wealth of insights and opportunities to further improve your customer's experience and grow your business internationally. I have had the pleasure of working with one of the most well-known online fashion retailers (particularly known for their annoying but sticky ads), and have seen the effect of a well-organised fulfilment and returns network. Doing it the right way will greatly improve customer satisfaction and your business case.’

So, Jeroen asks, why OnModus? ‘There is a certain vibe in the company. The team at OnModus has everything that a start-up characterises: entrepreneurial spirit, positivity and the eagerness to leave our stamp on society,’ Maurice explains. ‘However, if you look at the actual experience the team holds on themes like digital strategy and digital transformation, we actually know how to execute on those topics. This is quite unique already, so it seems like we hit a sweet spot in the market. It really excites me to be part of this journey, building the company while creating true value for our clients.’