Strategy weekend - Combining Thinking, Riding and Laughing

Every four months we allow ourselves to visit a place outside of our normal working territory where we improve our strategy. The goal: to reinvent ourselves an improved version, based on the learnings and experiences we had the months before. With these new insights we can continuously help our clients in becoming even more succesful in the digital world. This time we visited the beautiful nature area of Willingen, Sauerland in Germany.

The conditions for the area are pretty clear. It has to offer a relaxed atmosphere, beautiful surroundings and of course some great biking trails. OnModus believes that the combination of these three ingredients are the best way to have new ideas. New ideas which can be transformed to key strategy points which contribute to the business model in the digital world of our clients.

"Biking with colleagues and friends brings out the best of us", says Max Goijarts, CEO of OnModus. "Bringing in a sportive element changes the dynamics of a team. Achieving succes together enforces the teamfeeling and subsequently opens up new creative ideas. We then sit down and have active sessions where we challenge our new ideas. Last but not least we celebrate the accomplishment at the end of the day with some good German food and beers. It is all about finding the ultimate balance. That is where OnModus stands for".

OnModus drives digital transformation and business maturity to create, optimise and innovate authentic digital customer experiences and marketing technology. We are looking forward to welcome new members to the team who will start in August and September and continue the sessions. "It might even be that we invite customers and our partners to have an even more intensive weekend", says Jeroen van Mierle, Omnichannel Partner at OnModus. "I now have experienced that riding a bike through rough conditions is the perfect way to create the ultimate team dynamics. Each member feels part of the group. After all like in business, it is all about creating long lasting partnerships and finding win-win situations. Helping each other out. Especially when the road becomes tougher".